Sonntag, 28. September 2014

To attain peace, same the 5 january 69

and international security, it need to stop the cases of a threat to the peace, breach of peace or act of aggression, against the human, as principal holder of peace, distract by the injury of health and theirs invisible aggression, them distract the small personality and affect the powers and functions, on the big personality, of any Nation and  the organ of the United Nations, to not develope, for the realization of the fundamental freedom and the safeguard, of the human health, them we got, by the international collaboration, of the same political consens, to protect, the own sense, by the faith, of the majority, them wright, the same law, as principal send, for the friendly relations wend, on the  codification of international law, the economic, social, humanitarian, cultural, educational and health fields, by the science field, of the fisical law, to restore the international peace, by the faith, same we wright and the prohibiation of Scientology or the registration of me, to the United Nation, for the equal state, as exemple.

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